Julian DuFour

Belchite, a small town near Zaragoza, Spain bombed during the Spanish Civil War (1936-9) known as the ‘Ruinas de Belchite’ exists as a gateway into ephemera of darker times. During a period, I was researching any documentation of global preservations of land along with traditions of conservator gatekeeping assignments for preservation as well as give informational historical tours while warding off any vandalism or illegal tresspassing. I had the chance to meet with the key-holder, Jésus, who held the original artillery and badge adorned uniform in which he earned to protect this entryway. Jésus held the key which opened the physical door to the city. We planned in advance for his military clothing to be an option in making this photo, an unusual ask. He offered me one of his guns and caps, and in exchange I offered to teach him how to use my digital camera and take a portrait using a remote shutter release, which he documented wonderfully, and this was our exchange.
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