‘Haute Haze’ is a photographic exercise ignited by the popular and accepted hazing rituals of American college fraternities, as seen through a styled gaze.

The escalating violence encompasses torture, humiliation, and indoctrination of young males first entering university. In their hopes to gain respect and friendship from their male seniority, the honour of integrating academically and bonding socially, unveils its true self over time under the seemingly safe patina of brotherhood.

Referencing frat members’ introductory hazing rituals involves material elements of tape/rope binding, inviting ideas of shame by weaponizing femininity, and further instilling notions of fashioned degradation through cross-dress.

(Direction/Styling: Julian DuFour)
(Photography: Wing To Fung in collaboration with Julian DuFour)
(Models: Francois Le Febvre, Pablo Rousson, Steven Chevallier, Julian DuFour)