Julian DuFour

Haute Haze, 2017

This photographic project is an exercise ignited by the popular and accepted hazing rituals of American college fraternities. The escalation of violence entails torture, humiliation and indoctrination of young males entering university to gain respect and the honour of integrating into a male academic and social bond under the guise of ‘brotherhood.’ An introductory hazing ritual for frat members often involves an element of cross-dressing and binding, inviting and questioning ideas of shame by way of weaponizing femininity by instilling cross dressing as a form of a fashioned degradation. All models are featured in handmade designs by Central Saint Martins fashion students, styled with Prada and Miu Miu accessories.

(Concept/Creative Direction/Styling: Julian DuFour)
(Photography: Wing To Fung in collaboration with Julian DuFour)
(Models: Francois Le Febvre, Pablo Rousson, Steven Chevallier, Julian DuFour)

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